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‘Naya Pakistan’ and 50 Lakh Houses


The ‘Naya Pakistan’ housing scheme is an attempt to make true dream of 50 lakh houses but it is apprehended that it will open a flood gate of corruption because investors earn not serve. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahafuz e Adlia said while talking to this scribe.

He said that imagination is foundation of every wonder of the world provided right path is chosen. Azam Khan, federal minister of President Ayub Khan’s cabinet had built a huge project of Korangi Township Karachi for Mohairs’ within shortest time of about one year. Similarly, Imran Khan should select about hundred sites in the country to build 100 new cities of 50 thousand houses each. This work can be done through House Building Finance Corporation.

The senior lawyer said the claim of availability of investors may be true but their prime objective is to earn money by hook or crook. Hashmat Habib said that all existing housing societies and commercial developers are failed to complete their projects. They should be brought under coercive state pressure for forcing them to complete their pending projects within one year. In this way more than 5 lakh residences can be available. High rise buildings and NPHS are not the remedy, he added.