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Jihad is only remedy for Kashmir liberation: Hashmat Habib


“The time is running out we should prepare for a full fledged war with India instead of using Twitter and media as a war weapon, giving time to India to complete their design of taking over Kashmir with the active help of the International conspirators and delay on the part of Pakistan Government. Jihad is only remedy by facilitating the mujahedeen.” Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahafuz e Adlia and Founder Secretary General of Amnesty International Pakistan said.

He welcomed the military strategy suggested by Gen. Retd. Mirza Aslam Beg through his write-up “Our Response to Indian War Mongering” and said the suggestions in short are workable and should be acted upon by Pakistan armed forces and the rulers otherwise it will turn into a large influx of Kashmiri refugees that may be a big burden for Pakistan which should be countered.

The senior lawyer said freedom of fighting Kashmiris against Modi’s brutalities is coupled with freedom of Pakistan which is also a threat. Gen. Beg timely pointed out eight situations and suggested that our real security base is the regional alliance between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan strengthened into a common bond of powerful national response and Iran a brave revolutionary nation provides the lead to Pakistan.

Hashmat Habib seconded the suggestion made by Gen. Beg that Afghan Jihad has defeated the mightiest of the mightiness during last four decades and their struggle is shining example for Pakistan. He said we are top armed forces in the world. Alhamdulillah conventional armed forces would fight our war and win as suggested by Gen. Beg.

According to Gen. Beg India has decided to ruthlessly crush the Freedom Movement, because they know well, if they relent and the freedom movement succeeds, it would encourage a dozen or so other big and small insurgency movements going-on in other parts of India. Thus India will fight tenaciously to retain control over IOK territory.

Modi is also trying to gauge the depth of “New found US-Pakistan love-affair” with promise of mediation on Kashmir and the unprecedented 21 x gun salute to the Pakistani Chief of Army Staff. In a desperate bid to settle the Kashmir issue on its own terms, India with full American support will attempt to fight a decisive war in Kashmir, within the limits of a limited war with Pakistan, as they fought in 1971, to win East Pakistan. They are expecting that Pakistan will make noises at various forums and ultimately would hand over Kashmir to them, as our military rulers did in 1971.