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Judiciocracy brought disaster to the country: Hashmat Habib

The Judiciocracy, uniform, NAB and the establishment have brought country to the brink of disaster therefore, remedial steps including change of rulers have become inevitable. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahafuz e Adlia said while commenting on current state of affairs in the country.

He said the present situation if not rectified swiftly; the brutalities of Modi Govt in occupied Kashmir cannot be stopped.

The senior lawyer further stated that NAB was failed to eradicate corruption and corrupt practices in spite of disclosures by media regarding deals in raising price of medicines. The forgiving of 208 billion rupees trust money by depriving the nation and abusing ordinance by President of Pakistan who cannot do so without the advice of Prime Minister.

These were clear practices of corruption and NAB’s failure of remaining mum while the culprits are at large. Hashmat Habib said previously when the prices of medicines were increased although after consideration of many months but the reference was filed.

This time at once prices were raised many times but NAB did not take any action. Similarly GIDE was attempted to be misappropriated which is a shame. Unless for good Governance the rulers are not changed the complete disaster is ahead, the senior lawyer warned.



  1. Judicial activism is judicial martial law and the dam judge dug a big whole to bury the whole nation by his totally wrong and impartial decisions. Injustice is the mother of all ills and judiciary badly failed to perform its constitutional duties. Power game has corrupted the all organs of the State. There is no principle, no rule and no justice, hence the nation is crying and law of jungle is prevailing.

  2. It s necessary to look into causes and necessary corrective measure . The induction of superior court judges must be based on merits and not on mere likeness dislikes influence of higher ups r political manevouring .Hence a Commission on the pattern of FPSC be assigned responsibilities to select judges on merits through which ever process deemed fit. Then an independent forum on the pattern of developed world such as uk be constituted to undertake accountability of judges.The current judicial commission s comprised of judges only that goes against the very concept of justic. Once induction on merit and accountability of judiciary is established it will automatically take care of an impartial judicial system which unfortunately at present s missing and root cause of the ills n the society

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