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Jihad only solution after UN’s failure in holding plebiscite for Kashmir – Hashmat Habib

Indian Occupied Kashmir can get liberty by Jihad only for which practical help is immediately needed. The strategy of Imran Khan’s regime has utterly failed. At least Kashmiri Mujahidin may be extended facilities from the neighboring people of Pakistan and its armed forces otherwise the stigma of selling Kashmir will become more visible.

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia viewed brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir unbearable with concern. He said the time is running out which may complete the conspiracy of Modi, Trump and Jewish factors to usurp Kashmir. There are frequent rapes incidents of not only women but men too reported from the occupied valley. This is shameful situation for the so called leading countries of world in addition to the United Nations.   

We may not ignore the teachings of holy Quran that such severe issues and brutalities could be resolved only through united armed struggle. This is our prime responsibility to defend the respect, lives and blood of Muslims globally against the satanic forces. We must recall the lesson taught by Taliban Mujahidin to Americans and NATO allied invaders in Afghanistan during past nineteen years. Govt should realize its importance before it is too late, the senior lawyer urged.

The instant deterrent steps are if not taken Pakistan will suffer irreparable losses in addition to suffering of Kashmiri brethren. Hashmat Habib lamented that we were unable to get United Nations resolution implemented to hold plebiscite against Indian atrocities among the innocent people of Kashmir. Real way out is to move a resolution in UN for permission to use force for the liberty of IOK.

He said Pakistan should warn the United Nations to immediately deploy its peace keeping force in Jammu and Kashmir to stop indiscriminate killings, pulling out the Indian occupying armies and hold plebiscite within next 30 days. Otherwise, we should quit UN and strengthen the OIC platform to take collective steps and war resources of Muslim Countries for the freedom of Kashmir from Indian clutches.


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  1. He said the truth. In this time of suppression and fear, only Hashmat Habib sb has courage to say such things. I highly respect and love him for his instinct to call a spade a spade

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