Home Scandal Black-marketing mafia must not be spared – Hashmat Habib

Black-marketing mafia must not be spared – Hashmat Habib


The report prepared by FIA against mafia involved in creating price hike of daily commodities should be made public in the interest of suffering Pakistanis.

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia was astonished to know about return of this report to FIA for perhaps, further probe or save the mafia from stern action under the law. He said administration can control the prices as usual. Once the FIA report is made public and the names of mafia are disclosed stern action against the culprits can be taken and it will decline the price hike.

Reasons for price hike and mafia benefited by this national crime is no more hidden but for unknown motives the mafia is being protected which increased resentment in the rank of suffering people. Hashmat Habib said that government can control this inhuman rise in prices by revisiting its policies and administrative measures. Immediate ban on export of fruits, vegetables and all eatable agriculture produce may be imposed similarly import of all such items should also be stopped.

The senior lawyer of Supreme Court said a quota system may be introduced only to the extent of excessive produce. In this way at least to this extent price hike will be controlled. He said there should be no sales tax on sugar and other foodstuff items relating to agriculture. Sugar mills may be subject to minor tax on capacity basis. Just a Cane Commissioner can control it, he added.