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K-Electric Limited fleecing the consumers

The management of K-Electric Limited has continued fleecing its consumers. According to one such consumer; “I have a meter No.SCH31305 its reading on 1st April 2020 was noted as ‘11037’ units while on 4th April 2020 it was noted as ‘11045’ units. According to record my previous month’s final reading was shown as ‘11018’ units. This means the total consumption even up to the 1st April 2020 was just only ‘19’ units.”   

“However, the bill issued by K-Electric Limited describes the reading taken on 28th March 2020 at ‘11509’ units, hence showing the consumption of ‘491’ units. This fraudulent attitude must be taken seriously by not only the NEPRA but law enforcement agencies too”, the consumer said.

On objection to this criminal act a spokesman from the Customer Care Team replied on 4th April 2020 that due to COVID-19 pandemic, K-Electric has suspended physical meter reading for the safety of its staff and consumers. This was ridiculous answer. If physical meter reading was suspended then how the exaggerated reading of ‘11509’ was made possible on 28th March 2020?    

It may be mentioned here that all the electric meters were already installed outside consumers’ home then how the question of consumer’s safety was involved? On the other hand, safety of the K-Electric staff was already secured by the notification issued by Home Department Sindh Government that lock-down Ban/Restriction on movement of people from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am was not applicable to Persons belonging to Technical staff attending electricity, gas, water, sewerage related emergencies/services, cleaning municipal staff when on duty.

Similarly Electricity, Gas, Oil, LPG, Power Generation (Solar, Wind, Biogases etc) Production Generation, distribution, storage where applicable and related maintenance activities were already declared as Essential services to operate. In this background the stance taken by K-Electric spokesperson was categorically baseless and may be declared null and void, the affected consumer added.


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