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Denying Muslims pray in Masajid is conspiracy of international donors – Hashmat Habib

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Adlia said disputed fatwa of Jamia Azhar and decision of Saudi Arabia for curtailing Juma and Ba-jammat namaz in Makkah and Madina being against Islamic teaching is not guiding principle for Pakistan.

He said in several Muslim countries governments have installed Spray Tunnels for sanitizing each namazi and it is working effectively even in Pakistan a few masajid out of their own funds collection have installed these tunnels. Government should have taken a decision in this regard right in the beginning of Coronavirus attack otherwise the blame of denying the Muslims to pray in the masajid will be taken as a conspiracy of international donors.

He urged that Ulema of all sects should decide jointly in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Thereafter the government will have no way out except to find out solution realizing that the notifications issued by administration will not create any following. While the Imam of Masajid and Ulema can create awareness to obey the precautions proposed by WHO and also jointly repent to Almighty Allah to save us from Coronavirus war.

The senior lawyer said that apprehensions of clash can be avoided by allowing Juma and Ba-jammat namaz in Masajid ensuring the safety measures proposed by WHO if wisdom prevails upon the responsible. He said the Ulema and religious scholars have changed their previous stand regarding Juma Ba-jammat namaz which is strictly in accordance with Islamic teaching.

Hashmat Habib expressed sorrow upon administrative measures ignoring the fact that by installing Disinfection Spray Tunnels at the entrance of each Masjid this object can be safely achieved. He said the cost of spray tunnel is meager comparing value of ventilators. The standard of cleanliness adopted by Islamic teaching is superior to measures proposed by WHO. No one can deny this fact. The matter can be resolved through awareness preached by Imam of Masajid instead of coercive actions which are being abused by Police insulting citizens without any check by the superior administration.


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