Covid-19 scams must be checked seriously – Hashmat Habib


After exposure of billions of rupees scam under the garb of Covid-19 and projection of anti-views by experts the entire show of precautionary measures up to vaccination has become doubtful.

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia viewed the situation guiding the Govt. to stop enforced vaccination till a research could be conducted by medical experts of the Country.

He said we have been taught as per Hadees e Mubarka to leave things if we find doubt in it. The alleged conspiracy against human being by international planners is no more hidden. Punjab health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid has timely confessed about the serious side effects of vaccination and her decision not to get vaccinated even by her staff.

It is a clear warning that Govt. should take deep steps to clear this ambiguity through a commission consist of experts of National and International known experts to find out whether Covid-19 is a virus or otherwise a real object of international swindlers who are paying billions of rupees to Pakistan without any purpose of public welfare.

The senior lawyer said the opinion expressed by specialists and Nobel Prize winners should not be ignored as we have destroyed our economy and opened floodgate of corruption which is becoming horrible by each day being faced by the public at large.

Hashmat Habib said if national level investigation to know the real side effects and conspiracy by the international swindlers is not checked then nation will face further deterioration which will not be curable.