Railways’ mismanagement must be taken seriously – FPCCI President


Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President FPCCI expressing his condolence with bereaved families of more than 40 passengers killed in train accident called it alarming situation and urged Prime Minister to take it seriously.

He said at least 40 killed, 100 injured as passenger trains collided in Sindh’s Ghotki district on Monday, if we go back to history Ghotki is a notorious place for dangerous train accidents. But the more amazing thing is that Railway Ministry has never taken its notice.

He said that Federal Railways Minister Azam Khan Swati has recently took the charge, he is a capable person to get the things under control. Therefore, he is also requested to inquire that in this era of instant information technology having cellular phone in the hands of everybody, the Railway system does not have an early warning system that could alert the whole railways instantly about such horrible accidents. There are tracker systems installed in trucks, cars and even motorcycles in the country but amazingly the Railway authorities did not ever think about it. This is unbelievable. And it has resulted the loss of precious lives without their fault.

Maggo further stated that in the wake of a single incident it has paralyzed railway traffic across the country. Railway traffic remain suspended for both up and down country tracks. 13 to 14 bogies had derailed in the incident while six to eight were “completely destroyed”. Citizens were still trapped as a “challenge” for rescue officials.

He said that PR Chief Executive Officer Nisar Memon has conceded that the railway tracks in Sukkur division were weak, adding that PR had applied speed restrictions in such spots to ensure passenger safety. But this patch of the track is not weak and safety is never compromised, he told media. This is intriguing statement, the FPCCI President added.