Maritime Ministry’s PMSC proposal must be rejected by ECC: President FPCCI


Karachi: Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) has expressed his surprise over the recent proposal for “Pakistan Marine Service Company” (PMSC) to be tabled by Ministry of Maritime Affairs (MoMA) for approval of Economic Coordination Committee of Cabinet (ECC).

He informed that the proposal to be tabled by MoMA is in violation of the KPT Act 1886, PQA Act 1973, and PNSC Ordinance 1979, available on MoMA and respective organization’s websites. These statutory instruments clearly define the roles and nature of businesses to be undertaken by respective organizations within MoMA.

The proposal states that the proposed “Pakistan Marine Service Company” (PMSC) will save foreign exchange and stop its outflow but did not explain how? This is no more oneself as with PNSC or its subsidiary PMSC owns no tugs, dredgers, pilot boats, or other marine crafts. Its equation will be the same as KPT, PQA, GPA contracting with foreign companies, or PMSC contract with foreign companies for such services. However, with past experience, expertise and crafts; the three ports are in a much better position to contract for such service in comparison to the newly proposed PMSC that has no experience and yet to develop expertise in the Marine Services field, Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo added.

For this purpose, a wholly-owned subsidiary company “Islamabad Shipping Pvt. Ltd” of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, which previously owned a merchant ship named “MV Islamabad” and scraped a few years ago, is re-named as “Pakistan Marine Services Company”, with an offer of some shareholding to KPT, PQA and GPA against their handing over fleet of their marine crafts i.e. Tugboats, Pilots Boats, Service Crafts, etc. to proposed PMSC under ownership of PNSC, he said.

Maggo asked how these three port authorities would place all assets under the control of an organization with no assets, expertise, or past experience of “Marine Services” business by organizations owning assets, lifelong experience, and well-established departments to handle operations.

Here it is very important to mention that “International Shipping” and “Marine Services” are entirely different businesses with particularities and no similarities. Port organizations are known to be in the Marine Service business, FPCCI President concluded.


  1. What FPPCI is do with this matter? PNSC is the national flag carrier of Pakistan and Govt. have every right to make whatever decisions are appropriate and fit.
    This decision will generate jobs for many jobless and give a new dimension to the port services industry in Pakistan.

  2. This “brilliant” idea is simply untenable. A port has its own resources and plans accordingly. Without exercising control over its resources, the worth of an organisation becomes meaningless. This is a classic example of predatory monopolization ! If this is intended to increase the tonnage of PNSC, it is a näive idea and in any case this is a departure from the core business of any shipping company. Port authorities must resist any such move forcefully.

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