Parliamentarians passing Domestic Violence Act 2021 are disqualified: Hashmat Habib


The Members of Senate and National Assembly have committed breach of their defective oath by passing Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act 2021 and rendered themselves disqualified and ceased to its members. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia said Quran and Sunnah is Supreme Law of Pakistan and the Parliament members are bound to protect it as objective resolution is enforceable.

The senior lawyer said this law should be withdrawn forthwith instead of asking advice from Islamic Council. The time is running out to enjoy open license by filthy secular and liberal mafia responsible to penetrate un-Islamic laws in efforts to cause disaster and on the other hand to facilitate Qadiani lobbies and anti Islamic mafia in the name of liberalism which has even polluted judicial system, the executives and our Armed Forces.

Hashmat Habib said husband is better half of wife and head of the family and responsible to keep their lives within limits prescribed by Allah and bring up their children in accordance with Islamic teaching. The members except Mr. Mushtaq perhaps a few others who opposed this bill all have violated their oath and fell within definition of Article 63 of Constitution.

Hashmat Habib said the domestic violence law after being carried out by both houses has become a law on president’s assent. At this stage to divert reaction of peoples of Pakistan; the Parliamentarian Affairs Advisor Babar Awan has sent a letter to Speaker with advice to refer it to Islamic Council. According to veteran lawyer Parliamentarian Affairs Advisor to PM has no jurisdiction to make such request at this stage except before passing the bill by the House, Provincial Assembly, President and the Governor can refer proposed bill to the Islamic Council for its recommendation as to whether the bill is in conformity to the injunction of Islam.

However, this act is another technique to frustrate the issue and please the secular mafia; although it will never be accepted by Nation. Hashmat Habib said domestic violence law is copy of West under the garb of UNO where families who have no trace of their fathers have already destroyed their family units. Similarly, this law is against the injunction of Islamic dignity of our families units as per Quranic Teaching. Hence, we also condemn the leaders of United Nations who are interfering and playing with the teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran, he added.