Violators of Supreme Court Judgment must be punished: Hashmat Habib


Intentional frustration of Supreme Court Judgment regarding residential plots for Supreme Court Members has raised serious reservation to the extent of abuse of representative authority for obvious benefits.

Hashmat Habib Presidents Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia with heavy heart said three Former President of Association Rasheed A. Rizvi, Hamid Khan and Aman Ullah Kanrani in their letter addressed to President Bar with copy to Housing Foundation raised serious questions which deserve quick answer to clear the position of present cabinet as well as previous Cabinet prima facie involved with land mafia.

In the meantime it is suggested that general body of Supreme Court Bar Association be called by the Members at their own and place the facts before general body for discussing Displeasure Resolution and if found involved in this intolerable dubious act of depriving Members from their right they should be expelled from the membership of the Association and their names be placed in Office Bearer Board for Ibrat. Hashmat Habib said this is very serious matter where Suo Motu notice can be taken by the Supreme Court to resolve this issue once for all. This matter is more severe than commercializing the Hostel a clear crime committed previously.

He said the Supreme Court judgment was announced after a long battle covering all aspects of the issues which required to be implemented in letter and spirit but subsequent events reflect an ugly picture attracting contempt proceedings and to adopt a Displeasure Resolution against all the office bearers involved in this deal to deprive the Members from their lawful right to get a plot against which they have paid Rs.4 Million five years ago.

Hashmat Habib said Cabinet of Association is custodian of the rights, privileges and entitlement of their members. We have example of Karachi Bar Association when it’s sitting President namely Sagheer Jafery joined Pakistan People’s Party and become Minister, he was sacked by the general body and his name appears on the board even today.

Similarly a thorough investigation is required to be conducted under the supervision of Supreme Court Judge to find out the real facts of the deal and gravity of contempt committed by the relevant office bearers.