Nasser Hyatt Maggo welcomes Tarin announcement of Help Desk at FPCCI


Karachi (PR): Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President FPCCI has welcomed the announcement made by Shaukat Tarin, Finance Minister that FBR will set up a Help Desk at FPCCI Head Office, Federation House Karachi to facilitate resolution of discrepancies and procedures. The Minister also promised to consult FPCCI every quarter from now onwards to resolve businessmen issues efficiently and restore their confidence to promote private sector investments.

Maggo said; it was urged from the day one after taking over the charge of FPCCI by his Group the BMP (Businessmen Panel) that it was very difficult for the traders and industrialists of the Metropolis and the provinces to travel Islamabad for resolution of their day to day problems related to the government policies. Therefore, a Help Desk must be established in Karachi, the Head Office of Pakistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry. This will not only save the time and expenses but speed up economic activities of the ports city where two main ports of the country were operating twenty-four hours without fail and facing various issues of the customs, revenue and taxation.

Nasser Hyatt who was unable to welcome the Finance Minister in Federation House on Friday 20th August due to sudden death in his family, appreciated Mr. Shaukat Tarin’s statement on his FPCCI visit that all currently issued notices will be withdrawn to put an end to the harassment and corruption; and now onwards, notices will be issued by third party auditors after due diligence.

The Minister committed that we will be moving in the direction of self-assessment. He also promised that an FPCCI nominee will be inducted into all decision-making committees and boards of the federal ministries; including, Privatization Commission and FBR as the government realizes FPCCI’s role as the apex body and its active participation is warranted in all policymaking forums.

Speaking with businessmen at the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) headquarters, Tarin promised to consult FPCCI every quarter to resolve the issues of the business community efficiently and to restore their confidence to promote private sector investments. He also announced that FBR would set up a help desk at FPCCI head office, Federation House, Karachi to facilitate the resolution of discrepancies and issues in tax procedures.

He said the government has realised the FPCCI’s role as the apex body and its active participation was warranted in all policymaking forums. He was accompanied by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue, Dr. Waqar Masood and Chairman FBR, Asim Ahmad. Explaining the oversimplification of tax filing form and sales tax refunds, the minister advised the FBR chairman to have a consultative meeting with FPCCI’s team and make necessary revisions to the form.

“The government should have a fast-moving policy to sort out the immediate trade facilities with neighbouring Afghanistan to reach Central Asian Countries through this corridor,” Nasser Maggo concluded.