Swift action required to ensure separation of judiciary from executive


Hashmat Habib endorses Nasser Maggo’s stand

A swift action to ensure separation of judiciary from executive in letter and spirit is need of time and guarantee for prosperity of the Nation which is based on rule of law. We strongly second the plea taken by Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President FPCCI, for separation of Judiciary from executives in a letter addressed to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo Moto action.

Hashmat Habib, President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia said this while expressing his views on the step taken by Mr. Nasser Hyatt to implement fundamental right of citizen and reforms in tax appellate system.

Hashmat Habib, the lawyer of Supreme Court said that pointation of President FPCCI is absolutely important and hope CJP will consider this issue of public importance and take Suo Moto action to clean the Judiciary from this unconstitutional injection encouraging injustice.

He said constitutionally and in view of Sharaf Afridi’s case it has been finally decided that the Judiciary shall be separated from the executives but in fact Supreme Court itself is working against this settled position by appointing members of the executives as Registrar and other deputationists in the affairs of Supreme Court which has raised objections in the Supreme Court permanent staff deprived of their promotions. This is injurious to the independence of judiciary itself, he added.

The veteran lawyer further said there are large numbers of pending cases for which FBR is also aggrieved that billions of rupees had struck up in litigation at various taxes appellate forums. He said non-separation of judiciary from executive is alarming situation negating justice has arisen therefore to start with acceptance of Mr. Maggo’s request. The entire judiciary should be immediately separated from executives and interference in the dispensation of justice by any quarter is strongly condemned and to secure independent judiciary stern action is required, Hashmat Habib concluded.

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