CJP warned against Rs 20 billion scams on lawyers’ land


Hashmat Ali Habib, Advocate Supreme Court has appealed Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Chief Justice of Pakistan to avoid the inauguration of a baseless project of the land mafia at Housing Project Park Road as Chief Guest on 30 September 2021, which was to exploit his good name and to put a stamp on their scam of over Rs 20 billion.

In his letter dated 25 September 2021 addressed to the Chief Justice, Hashmat Habib brought to his notice to reconsider his participation in this drama being staged as an Election stunt and shelter the scam, in the best interest of Supreme Court lawyers and dignity of the Supreme Court.

The veteran lawyer disclosed that not a single piece of land is transferred in the name of the Supreme Court Bar Association nor it could be done as acquired land of Mohriyan along with Tamma has already mutated in favor of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (Foundation). This acquired land cannot be even sold by any person including landowners what to say of authority of so-called land providers, frontmen of culprits, involved in this scam.

Hashmat Habib informed that this project at Park Road was launched on a parity basis sanctioned by Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf which means the Government Employees and lawyers will be entitled equally for their plots at the price to be determined as per award after the sale of commercial sites to subsidize its cost.

“The Supreme Court judgment dated 8th October 2020 has attained finality and now there is no way out except its implementation in letter and spirit. That illegal agreement dated 4th June 2021 which has been kept secret, however, an unsigned copy was available, has been incorporated in my write-up to lawyers/ applicants of the Supreme Court. The copy of the said statement is enclosed for ready reference,” he added.

According to him, the members deposited Rs40,00,000/- for 1 Kanal plot and for 10 Marla plot Rs20,00,000/-. The landowners are now entitled to only compensation as per award and entitlement of one plot against 3 or 4 Kanal lands as per policy.

However, surprisingly as per the fraud agreement the Supreme Court Bar Association agreed to pay Rs34,00,000/- per Kanal out of which Rs17,00,000/- is payable by Collector Land Acquisition while the differential amount will be paid to the land provider along with over 500 plots by the Association which is clear cheating by land mafia. Unfortunately, the elected Representatives of Advocates have become tools of this gang, he disclosed.

Hashmat Habib requested the Chief Justice to kindly go through the attached letter. He will definitely understand this WARDAT causing irreparable loss to the brother advocates by these culprits who are aware of Suo Moto case No.13/2009 in the matter of Joint Venture agreement between CDA and Multiple Professional Cooperating Society’s decision that agreement between CDA and MPCHS was declared illegal and accordingly it was rendered inoperative and ineffective while agreement executed between Supreme Court Bar Association President and so-called land providers is without any legal sanction and the culprits have tried to reinforce the same WARDAT which is not tolerable.

“Your honor, it is open dacoity and fraud with lawyers by their representatives who have committed it, and in Urdu –“Wakla ko CHUNA Laga dia”. From this agreement, the lawyers’ representatives recognized and accepted the POWER of land providers above the Writ of government and the authority of the Apex Court. What a shameful approach of lawyers’ leaders! Chairman NAB be asked to take cognizance of this crime and secure lawyers’ fundamental rights of property in accordance with the law. To save the hard-earned saving lawyers urgent action is solicited to secure the ends of the justice,” the letter concluded.