Place the names of entire cabinet on Exit Control List – Hashmat Habib


The veteran lawyer and Supreme Court advocate Hashmat Habib has said the clueless style of Governance reflects that so-called experts are idiots in the Federal Cabinet who are talking of settling the constitution of the country ablaze. Bad governance of Imran Khan’s (expert) team threatening not only the judicial system but also the economic security of Pakistan, therefore, State should come in action and place the names of entire cabinet on Exit Control List (ECL).

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia with heavy heart analyzed the deteriorating situation prevailing in the country where it is seriously apprehended that loss intentionally being caused will become irreparable and Imran Khan’s team will try to escape from Pakistan.

He said until 2018 only IPPs and the banking sectors were two major mafias but presently Imran Khan has changed most businesses in the mafia covering it through false propaganda by controlled press. Hashmat Habib said what a shame that US dollar has gone up from Rs 119 to 170 although according to PTI Government foreign exchange reserves are higher than ever before. He said the external debts are more than doubled. The inflation and unemployment is all time high.

Hashmat Habib said the Nation is silently watching the institutionalization of political polarization, universal impoverishment, violence, intolerance and mockery of rule of law and the justice system. He said two years from now, nothing can stop Pakistan from total disaster perhaps this was agenda of change, the veteran lawyer concluded.