Imran regime is a security threat to national sovereignty – Hashmat Habib


Hashmat Habib, a veteran lawyer and President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia has said; it appears that this time Imran Khan is playing on a wrong wicket he should avoid it otherwise he may lose further strength in the masses in absence of favourite umpire.

He said that Imran Khan Regime shrewdly created public discussion on the deputation of DG ISI, civilian org., to divert public attention from horrible increasing cost of living including exorbitant addition of Rs 109 in edible oil and Rs 10 petrol prices in one go while Pak Rupee dipped to 173 for dollar which is an alarming sign and a whistle blower for further deterioration of economy.

He added that so far Imran regime had inflicted so many national tragedies including harming to CPEC with China, opening of Indian corridor for Qadianis and surrender of Kashmir to India. He has sold out the State Bank of Pakistan to IMF. There are rumors that in future he is going to recognize Israel and surrender the Atomic capability of Pakistan in lieu of heavy loans already advanced up to 126 billion dollars by writing off through western powers and their so called donor agencies. That’s why these cabinet members were busy in plundering the national wealth through money laundering and undue excessive taxation by FBR against the people of Pakistan without fear of accountability. This is great disaster that the country which always produced surplus wheat and sugar stocks was now importing both commodities at higher prices and wasting its foreign exchange due to incompetent and culprit cabinet of this regime.

This is shameful Hashmat Habib said and strongly condemned the device of involving media and confusing the people in an exercise in futile regarding DG ISI. He said all the organs and organizations of State including Armed Forces are on one page that is the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, therefore, in the end the press release of ISPR for the deputation of Lt. General Nadeem Anjum as DG ISI will be stamped by Imran Khan.

Hashmat Habib said it is in the interest of State that all organs and organizations should function within its domain otherwise the result may be unfavorable to the prosperity of Pakistan. He said practically it is the domain of Chief of Army Staff to judge the suitable person for assignment of DG ISI however PM can select any retired army General but with the consultation of COAS. It is a constitutional position and the President being Supreme Commander of Armed Forces is bound to act upon the advice of PM/cabinet.