SCBA body may make the land swindlers accountable – Hashmat Habib


ISLAMABAD: Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia congratulating all returned contestants of Supreme Court Bar Association 2021-22 has welcomed the statement of Ahsan Bhoon pledging that he will work for rule of law and welfare of the lawyers.

Hashmat Habib said Ahsan Bhoon will perform his function as he said in his victory speech as president and hoped that he understands the dignity of SC judgement given by four judges. He will forthwith undo fraud agreement of 4th June 2021 executed with so called land provider, front man, of swindlers group who has misappropriated the trust money of billions of rupees of lawyers while each lawyer is entitled for a plot in Tamma and Moriyan on parity basis against the payment of Rupees 16 lakh as paid by Govt employees.

The senior lawyer said the elect cabinet is now representative of all SC lawyers, therefore, it should be loyal to brother advocates and their welfare demands swift action against the cheaters bulldozing the SC judgement by putting their sinful guns at the shoulder of Supervisory Committee which was in fact constituted to implement the SC judgement swiftly not to frustrate.

Hashmat Habib said it is a serious matter that the culprits involved in this big scam should be brought to justice and the hard earned savings of lawyers be protected. May Allah bestow courage to do this noble job, the veteran lawyer added.

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