Lawyers Force for protecting the land rights of SC advocates


Hashmat Habib, a senior lawyer of Supreme Court and President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia has appealed all effecties and SC Advocates to express their comments that we intend to establish Lawyers Force for implementation of SC judgment by 4 Hon. Judges and learned brothers may give suggestions to formulate agenda to bring the swindlers to justice ensuring that each advocate will get 1 Kanal plot for 16 lacs only.

He referred that we had congratulated new cabinet of the Bar Council believing victory speech of Ahsan Bhoon and sent a detailed letter to entire cabinet but disappointed. Hashmat Habib with heavy heart said that the conduct of new cabinet appears that they are endorsing the fraud agreement executed by the outgoing cabinet in its totality becoming partner in crime. Therefore, to meet this alarming situation we held several meetings with likeminded effecties who are entitled for duly developed plots by the Federal Government Employees on parity basis against the cost of Rs 16 lacs per Kanal.

He added that while balance of Rs 24 Lacs plus markup being balance is lying as trust. A serious view has been taken by likeminded Supreme Court advocates that the swindlers dragged Mr. Justice Maqbool Bakar and CJP to give shelter to this crime. Registrar SC office is being misused indirectly to frustrate contempt of Court petitions which is also prima facie negative to rule of law and Hon’ CJP should take judicial action of this illegality and proceed without any further delay.

Hashmat Habib said one week time is available for learned brothers to give valuable guidance to finalize the Lawyers Force to do needful. Their valuable suggestions may be sent on the Whatsapp or at House 260 Street 54, F-11/4 Islamabad, he added.